For Better or For Worse (Til Death Do Us Part: Book 1) by Krissy V

I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!When I started reading this book I had know idea how it would go. It starts at Natasha and Felix’s wedding and at first I though he was great, perfect really, but it really didn’t take to long before I started to hate him. My Heart broke for Natasha, she’s a newlywed and this was supposed to be such a happy time in her life and she was stuck in a nightmare. I was an emotional mess. I felt her pain. I love Caleb, I’m Team Caleb. He’s perfect, smart and smoking hot and my new BBF. I love the chemistry between Caleb and Tasha & their instant connection. The night that Tasha meets Caleb she finds a dear friend in him and also finds out the monster Felix can be. I hope to also see more of Luca and Kammie I think there’s a great story to be told there. Krissy V is amazing she makes you feel every emotion. I can’t wait to see what happens next.